Here, There, and Everywhere in The Witcher 3

Somehow, some way, my time with The Witcher 3 is still happening!

That was a horrible sentence. Thankfully, I think I wrote better ones in my latest Witcher 3 update here on Virtual Bastion.


Considering that my last update on my playthrough of The Witcher 3 was in November of 2020, one might think that I would be done with Geralt’s adventures some four months later.

That couldn’t be farther from the case. However, I do think I might be on the verge of completing the game’s main story, which honestly feels like a feat of endurance at this point.

Given that so much time has elapsed, and that my time with The Witcher 3 has been, at best, scattered since the end of last year, this update might not have the most coherent approach. Memorable moments topple upon each other like a waterfall, but of them, the most important would probably be that Geralt (now sitting nicely at level 29) found Ciri, who’s troubles are far from over despite the heartfelt reunion. As well, I hit and moved past the game’s point-of-no-return warning…

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