Happy Tenth Birthday Dragon Age II, and, I’m Sorry

My hate-love relationship with Dragon Age II is a tale as old as time…or at least, the past 10 years. On its 10th anniversary, I once again offered an apology–on Virtual Bastion–to the game, and I hope that we’re good now.


This week marks the tenth anniversary of the release of Dragon Age II, one of my favorite and most-played games of the past couple years. Had you told me in 2011 that this game would become something special in my life, I can only imagine that I would have laughed, hard. For you see, after I played the game for the first time, I was not a fan. Nope, not a fan, at all. After enjoying several delightful playthroughs of BioWare’s rousing space opera, Mass Effect, and its medieval counterpart, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II felt like a face punch. Reviewers’ descriptors like “dull,” “boring,” and “recycled” kept me away from the game initially, but on the cusp of the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition, I succumbed. Before becoming the inquisitor, I just had to find out for myself if BioWare could actually make a…

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