Resonance: White Orchard

In an among all the incredible game soundtracks that exist, the one for The Witcher 3 is something special. I recently profiled one of its amazing opening environmental themes – where the game starts, in White Orchard – over on Virtual Bastion. Have a listen!


Inasmuch as Fallout 76‘s version of apocalyptic Appalachia has captured my attention, I’m still trickling through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. My efforts to remain focused on the main story were so strong there for awhile, and yet…the tug of side-questing and monster hunting has simply been too incessantly interesting to pass up. (Needless to say, I’m having a good time.) And though through Geralt I have traveled from the streets of Novigrad to the snowy cliffs of Skellige and back again, I recently went back to one of the first regions Geralt visited – White Orchard. While small compared to the game’s other regions, White Orchard is a joy to explore, thanks in part to its hauntingly sad and beautiful musical theme.

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