Building a Brotherhood, and Just Building in Fallout 76

I’d like to *think* that I’ve made good strides with Fallout 76 in recent weeks. (Some days, it’s honestly hard to tell.) After reconnecting with the Brotherhood of Steel and catching the building bug, yeah, things have been better than worse…mostly. See here on Virtual Bastion for my latest FO76 update.


When I decided to bid adieu to roaming Fallout 76’s Appalachian wilderness last November in order to spend more quality time with Geralt of Rivia, I didn’t really think much about returning to the wastes. At the time, the release of Fallout 76’s latest expansion, “Steel Dawn,” was just a few weeks away. I was interested in it, sure, but not overly so. As far as Fallout lore goes, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Steel Dawn’s central characters – the Brotherhood of Steel. So in thinking about the choice to fight monsters with the handsomely wry Geralt or trounce around a battled and bruised West Virginia with a bunch of pseudo-religious-techno zealots, well…Geralt was the clear winner.

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