More Story-Only Adventures in Dragon Age II

After having a relatively grand time in doing a story-only playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. My warden’s sacrificial ending left me wanting more, so I dove straight into the next game in the series, Dragon Age II. My focus to play only through the game’s story remained, and I opted to change things up a bit to this time play as a straight-shooting (literally and figuratively) mage I named Rosalind. Stop by every other week to see the latest episodes in the series!

Now, whether you need a refresher or have no clue what is going on, here are my made-up playthrough rules (y’know, to make sure I don’t go off gallivanting with Fenris /smooch/):

1. Play only main story quests; ignore any and all side quests.
2. Avoid all interactions with companions, NPCs, etc.
3. Play on casual to keep combat to a minimum.
4. Ignore most loot, save to re-stock certain inventory items.
5. In conversations, always choose the first response listed.
6. Complete the game only with first three companions obtained.

Here in episode one of Rosalind’s Dragon Age story: we meet our new mage and her family as they make their escape from their Darkspawn-ridden home of Lothering. We run into lots more Darkspawn, meet with a future companion, and soar on the wings of a dragon (maybe?) to Kirkwall. It’s all quite harrowing as far as introductions go.

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