Dragon Age: Origins – Episodes 34 and 35 [FINAL]

My story-only adventures in Dragon Age: Origins with dual-wielding Diana conclude! In episode 34, we begin our final assault in Denerim, call on lots of help, and watch helplessly as Riordan’s tries his damndest. Confusion abounds, at best.

And then in episode 35, we push through Fort Drakon to meet the Archdemon, push our luck battling said Archdemon, and Diana does what needs to be done. Her story, at least, comes to a close.

Thanks for following and watching. Come on back in two weeks when my story-only adventures continue in Dragon Age II! 🐲🧡🐲


    • Glad this was all entertaining! I’ve long wanted to record this game, and I’m glad I took the opportunity to finally do it, even if in a quick-play manner. (I really did miss some of the game’s excellent sidequests.)

      What about the ending stood out to you? It’s the general “Warden sacrifices self” ending that I remember, but I’ve a terrible memory! 😅

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