Listmas 2020: Cary’s Most Anticipated Games of 2021

Though this year is off to a rough start, there’s still plenty to look forward to gaming-wise! We ended Virtual Bastion’s 2020 Listmas celebration with a look forward at those games we’re eyeing in the new year, and these were my top choices.


Know that we’ve kicked 2020 out the door for good (though, that’s still questionable, I guess), it’s time for me to take a look into that which may pepper my gaming landscape in 2021. Frankly, my biggest hope for this year is actually obtaining an XBX or a PS5, but neither my Xbox One nor PS4 have given up the ghost yet, so the future still looks quite promising, even if a few of my choices here don’t pan out. And anyway, next year’s release calendar looks a little slim, at least in terms of games with actually release dates. Many more games are on the ever-present “to be determined” list, but that’s usually how it is. Still, we’re all hoping that this year will be awash in gaming goodness, and here’s my final Listmas list about those to which I am most looking forward.

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