Listmas 2020: All I want for Christmas (events) in games is…

What makes for a great gaming holiday event? That’s the question we pondered on Virtual Bastion for our fourth week of #Listmas. This is this list that my own ponderings produced!


This week’s Listmas question is a simple one: what makes a great holiday event? Or, maybe it’s not so simple, since we all enjoy the holidays, and holidays with gaming in our own way. My experience with holiday gaming events is quite limited, unfortunately. Outside of some holiday-themed DLC, the only one I’ve actively participated in is Neverwinter’s Winter Festival, which is quite a good time. Not only does the game’s main hub get all fancied up for the season, but players can travel to a specific to a specific region (Twilight Tor) to celebrate Simril, said winter festival. Last year, I spent a little time in ESO’s New Life Festival, but it didn’t quite have as much pizzazz holiday-wise (it felt more wintry and less festive). So to say I’m perfectlyqualified to offer up suggestions for a great gaming holiday event is, um…well…let just get on with…

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