Listmas 2020: Cary’s Favorite Bonus Content

For Virtual Bastion‘s third Listmas list of this merry season, our task was to pick out some favorite bonus content. Considering my once-less-than-merry attitude about such, I was nonetheless able to fill up this list with a few choice things!


Downloadable content. Expansion packs. Season passes. Extended rigmarole. However you phrase it (maybe not that last way), bonus content for games has long been a part of the industry, and it’s not going away any time soon. I must admit that I wasn’t always a fan of such. For the bulk of my gaming history, in fact, I was quite anti-DLC. I wanted no part of paying extra for additional content in any game, even the ones I held in high esteem. My stance, maybe not surprisingly, changed with the (free) release of the “fixed” DLC ending of Mass Effect 3. Since then, I’ve been more obliging towards DLC, especially if I can get a version of a game with it already included, so I can’t say that I’m totally out of the loop. I can say that I have played some really good bonus content in the past…

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