Listmas 2020: Horsing Around in The Witcher 3

Not to pile on CD Project RED, but it comes as pure coincidence that my second (wild card) Listmas list over on Virtual Bastion is all about glitches — horse-related ones, no less — in The Witcher 3. Alas, poor Roach!


If you’re a fan of The Witcher, you know Roach, Geralt’s trusty steed (or steeds, as he names all of his horses “Roach”). As I’m knee-deep in The Witcher 3 now, I’ve come to know its version of Roach quite well. Or, well enough to feel like my bad luck with mounts in games (unless that game is Red Dead Redemption, or Neverwinter) is spilling over. I don’t know what it is exactly, but from Assassin’s Creed to Dragon Age: Inquisition to The Elder Scrolls Online, I always seems to have enough weird glitches happen with mounts that I get to a point where I’m compelled to ignore them altogether. Unfortunately, Roach has been no exception, as I’ve found her to be the glitchiest of any mount I’ve ever ridden in a game. From getting caught on terrain to being difficult to control (maybe that’s just…

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