Dashing off some words about The Mandalorian

In recent weeks, we became the proud owners of a new Disney+ subscription, and what was the first thing we had to do? Watch The Mandalorian, of course. As expected, it didn’t take that long to binge, and now we eagerly await the final two chapters of Season Two along with the rest of the world. I thought about putting off this post until after seeing them, but with scheduling and my brain being overloaded with Star Wars-ian thoughts, I figured I’d just go ahead with it. I suppose the last two episodes could change my opinion, but based on what I’ve seen, and unless the show’s creators suddenly came down with amnesia, I doubt it. What follows here is in no particular order.

  • After enduring a year and then some of Baby Yoda (now Grogu, which is fine, but who are we kidding?) memes, I get it. He’s as cute as a goddamn button.
  • I also join in the throngs in saying that Star Wars in TV form works extremely well. It’s an excellent, excellent show. I’ve not enjoyed anything new in the Star Wars universe this much since Rogue One.
  • The fact that there’s little to no fluff in any of the episodes speaks volumes, and I love it. LOVE IT. I hate it when a show wastes an hour on 15 minutes of only-okay storytelling and 45 minutes of crap. With this show, every episode is solid, meaty deliciousness.
  • And yet, for some reason in the Star Wars universe, gruel pervades. I mean, they can call it “chowder” with squid and whatever, but it’s still soupy “stuff” in a bowl. You’d think somewhere folks would at least be all up in some bantha steaks from time to time.
  • Oh, and blue drinks, still? Bright fucking neon blue, nonetheless. Surely you’d think we could expand our beverage horizons? But apparently not. Fine. Blue.
  • Also, I get that there are no bathrooms in space, but some part of my brain kept wondering if Baby Yoda wore diapers? The kid can eat, after all. Maybe he’s got one hell of a metabolism?
  • But more importantly, would Mando change diapers? Hmm.
  • Anyway, I’m also super impressed by all the Star Wars deep cuts that are prevalent throughout the show, from minor alien races and droids playing major roles to its flora and fauna (big-ups to the krayte dragon) to general nods towards the Star Wars universe itself. I love that The Mandalorian is separate from and yet ingrained in that ethos.
  • I especially that focus the show places on who the Mandalorians are and what they belive above and beyond being just masked folks with cool weapons and jetpacks.
  • At one point, after a lovely scene with Ashoka Tano, I turned to my husband and asked, “did she just say ‘Grand Admiral Thrawn’?” That’s when I really took in the show has one big wonderful Star Wars mash-up.
  • While I’m familiar with Tano, I’m not familiar with either her story or the shows she’s in. How would she know Thrawn? Did she somehow cross paths with him? I only know him from the Timothy Zahn SW novels, so I’d love to know if/how he was brought into the SW universe elsewhere.
  • While I understand why, I kinda wish that Mando had never been unmasked. I really liked how they toyed with the aura of mysteriousness that surrounded him prior, and that dissipated with the unmasking.
  • I mean, you can call him Din Djarin, but since Baby Yoda will always be Baby Yoda, Mando will always be Mando.
  • And hey what about that whole thing with Boba Fett? It sure what nice to see him in that armor again. Timothy Olyphant, adorable though he is, was just skin and bones in it.
  • Oh, and Slave-1! A favorite ship of everyone’s. I was #sorrynotsorry to see Mando’s ship go. That was one ugly sonofabitch.
  • Much like with the movies, I don’t feel all that strongly about the non-helmet-wearing human cast. Though, I can’t argue with Gus Fring as the big, bad guy. Warms my heart, it does. Outside of initial crushes on Luke, Han, and Leia, I’ve always been much more partial to the droids of the universe.
  • Pour one out for IG-11, speaking of which,
  • I swear to god that if BB-8 shows up, I might just die.
  • Hey, it seems that anything with a Star Wars tag is fair game here! I oughta pull out my old Star Wars role-playing book to see what oddball shit might very well turn up for three seconds on the screen at some point!
  • The Mandalorian is lovingly made by Star Wars fans for Star Wars fans. It’s honestly the kick in the ass that the Star Wars universe needed, the Star Wars nerdfest of nerdfests, and I’m totally here for it.


  1. Firewater pretty summed up my thoughts. When a fan is in charge, you get something good. When someone who hates Star Wars is in charge (like the lady in overall charge of the star wars movies), you get, well Episodes 7-9 :-/

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