Top 5: Personal Last-Gen Memories

So. Now that we ALL have PS5s and XSXs, we can just ditch everything from the past? LOL jk haha, and whatevs. 🙂 While gaming’s “past” is still very much the present for most, I still had fun recently on Virtual Bastion looking back on some of my favorite PS4/Xbox One memories.


With this week’s heralded releases of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, it would seem that we can once again make the switch from calling the “next generation” of consoles to the “current generation.” Of course, I have no plans to suddenly ditch anything “last generation,” and neither do many of you, I’m sure. But, as we well know, the truth is that it probably won’t be too long before our PS4s and Xbox Ones go the way of our beloved PS3s and Xbox 360s – gone but not forgotten. And it’s with that sentiment in mind that I wanted to look back upon and pick out some of my favorite “last generation” memories. While I will always credit the PS3/Xbox 360 generation for changing my attitude towards the act of gaming, the PS4/Xbox One generation has distinctly changed how and whatI play. Take a gander here to see…

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