A Tale of Two Fallouts

With Fallout 76, I can’t tell if I’m a fool for it or because of it. Guess that’s neither here nor there considering that I’m still compelled to play it. Its recent “One Wasteland” update made me hope for the best; what I got was, well…not quite what I expected, and then some, as I detailed in this Virtual Bastion post.


When the “One Wasteland for All” patch was released for Fallout 76 in September, despite my best efforts, I was pretty darn excited. With Bethesda’s promise that one could now “experience all that the Appalachian Wasteland [had] to offer no matter [one’s] level” with “re-balanced combat and rewards,” I was ready to tackle all those formerly high-level quests that had been previously out of reach. I was also ready to reap the benefits of doing such, and I saw many a legendary item in my future. Most especially, I was looking forward to finally completing the big Wastelander’s Vault 79 quest with my level 50 team character, Amelya. And as it went, within hours of the release of One Wasteland, of course the Internet was already decrying it. We didn’t get to try things out until about a week after the expansion dropped, so I had plenty of time to…

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