Uncanny Accounts: Battling a Demon (and Inner Ones, too) in Metroid Fusion

A discussion on the eerie creation of and confrontation between Samus and her doppelganger SA-X in Metroid Fusion made up my final post in Uncanny Accounts, Virtual Bastion’s most spooky October celebration. What a month it was!


The Metroid series is well-known for several things, from excellent wordless-storytelling to defining platforming mechanics. But one its lesser-known traits is the ease which with the games promote unease. While not particularly scary in the tradition of horror games, the Metroid games are rife with near-death scenarios that enforce the notion that Samus is a one-women army, and her survival is paramount. Throughout the series, its boss battles are particularly telling in this regard, where it’s easy enough to fall to minimal health just before celebrating a triumphant defeat. In a way, the amazing entry, Metroid Fusion, is one big boss battle strewn throughout the contents of a game, for it in, Samus must face off with a truly terrifying enemy: a doppelganger that, at first glance, would seem to be as powerful and forceful as Samus herself. Of all the enemies I’ve ever encountered in games, the…

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