I played Heavy Rain, and that’s all I have to say about that (but not really)

I’ve little reason to put the words “heavy” and “rain” in a sentence ever again, especially after playing the game with both words in its title. But if you might be curious about sentences containing the words “heavy” and rain”, and my thoughts on them, see here on Virtual Bastion.


In my What Remains of Edith Finch post, I hinted that there was at least one other game in my PS4 backlog that I wished to tackle. That game was Heavy Rain (2010), another I got via PS Plus a long time ago, and much like with Edith Finch, one that I had been putting off for no particular reason. Or, maybe I had a reason. Though acclaimed, this Quantic Dream title and brainchild of the well-known game designer David Cage, didn’t get very good reviews within my own gaming circle. The general consensus amounted to: difficult to play, not very fun, and weird story-wise. But I had held onto a long-term interest in Heavy Rain ever since playing Beyond: Two Souls back around 2103. (The only other Quantic Dream titled I’ve played.) Long story short, I liked Beyond: Two Souls in principle, if not in practice, and…

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