R.I.P. Xbox 360; Goodbye Old Friend

The recent loss of my beloved Xbox 360 still stings a little, but perhaps it was just a sign. At least I’ll always have this Virtual Bastion post to remember the good ol’ days.


It is not lost on me that just a couple weeks ago I was all like Pish posh! What am I to the future of gaming? Now, as I stare at my permanently dead Xbox 360, I can’t help but wonder if the future isn’t taunting me in some manner.

Truth be told, I knew my beloved 360’s (the “S” model) days were numbered. Last year during another go round with the Mass Effect trilogy, the console began overheating regularly. In response, I cut back on my sessions with it and, when I did use it, I also used an external fan to help keep it cool. That worked well enough at the time to help me see things through again with another Commander Shepard.

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