The Talos Principle Proves that I Still Have A Lot to Learn

The title of this Virtual Bastion post says it all, obviously here with The Talos Principle. But the words could easily be extended to me and most puzzle games, as it were.


In Jim’s Henson’s movie Labyrinth, there’s a scene where the protagonist (who is stuck in said labyrinth) is told that a solid rock wall contains an opening. After visually inspecting the wall and believing that if it looks like a wall, it is a wall (onscreen, it does look like a solid wall), she’s told by another character things aren’t as they seem in the maze. With much hesitation, she walks up to the wall with her hands out in front of her, and discovers, lo and behold, there is an opening, hiding in plain site as an illusion no less. With this knowledge, exploring the labyrinth then took on a whole new meaning. Or so we’re mildly led to believe, anyway.

This experience sums up my time with the amazing puzzle game, The Talos Principle, only that, if I had been in that girl’s shoes, I would…

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