Fallout 76 and ESO: A Novice’s Views – One Year Later

If you had told me a year ago that I’d still be playing ESO and Fallout 76 at this time, I’d have thought you were crazy. But here I am, or were on Virtual Bastion…looking back on a year within the the worlds of these beautiful ad sometimes frustrating games.


Last year, I dove head first and rather blindly into two massive MMOs worlds – the well-established environs of The Elder Scrolls Online and the newly irradiated landscapes of Fallout 76. After lightly sinking my teeth into both, I offered up some takes comparing these titles, and I came to the somewhat obvious conclusion that ESO offered much better times to a new (MMO) player like me than did Fallout 76.

But, the world’s current state notwithstanding, a lot can happen in a year. That post I wrote went up at the very start of August 2019, and here in August 2020, the world is a very different place, and these games are in different places, too. Both ESO and Fallout 76 have received significant updates over the course of the year. In ESO, access to the various lands of Tamriel has increased, and the story of…

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