Impressions from the Xbox Games Showcase

In the gaming world, sometime it seems as though things change faster than fast. With that, let’s take a trip back to far, far away time at the end of July when Xbox showed us some promise of what’s to come, and I then wrote about it on Virtual Bastion.


After the strange debacle that was, generally, the pre-release of the Xbox One, what with Microsoft’s odd focus on it being your one-stop-shop for “entertainment” over just games (Watch TV! Interact with sports! Skype with your friends! Share videos on YouTube! Oh, and use it to play games, too. /sadtrombone), it comes as no shock to see that, with the pre-release of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has been singularly focused on games. This mindset was well on display in last week’s Xbox Games Showcase. There were no new hardware reveals, no flashy interludes purporting on what we already know – that the future of gaming is going to be pretty darn nice. Instead, the event gave Xbox fans more than few good gaming reasons as to why its console would sail heads and tails over the competition. Here are a few of my own takeaways from the…

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