What’s a “tiddlebit”? Think of them as personal musings that are about as important as tiddlywinks. Which might be very important should you be a tiddlywinks world champion. So, I guess it’s all relative.

  • After months of total weirdness, I’m can’t believe how immensely happy I am to be to a normal work schedule (from home, for now). I hate to say it, but I am a person of routines. I like knowing what to expect during any given day, whether I’m doing something or nothing. From May to July, while I was still working, my schedule was perfectly haphazard. That combined with everything else led to one million too many stressful moments. Look, today the sun is shining, the humidity is down, my Internet is blazing, I have a reasonable set of tasks ahead, and I’m ready to go.
  • That was a strange way to start this post, and today’s normal isn’t really normal, but it’s close enough. Truthfully, I have no idea how long this normal is going to last, so I intend to enjoy every second of it, to-do lists and all.
  • If there’s been on personal downside to all this, it’s that I really wish our cat was still around.
  • Sure, we could easily get another animal, like right now, if we wanted to. It’s not that we just want another pet occupying the house, it’s that we want our Moose back. But he’s not coming back. When we’re able to fully put that notion to rest, then it’ll be time to welcome another pet.
  • If you were in the path of Tropical Storm Isaias, hope everything is okay. I’ve been through a few such storms/hurricanes before, but I think Isaias was the quickest one to roar its way across my NJ neighborhood. The truly high winds and torrential rains latest only about an hour Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, other than wet pavement and leaves in the yard, you’d never have known that a giant storm had hit.
  • However, there remains a lone trash can that blew off from somewhere an landed in our front yard. It’s on the curb now, so if it’s yours, please come and pick up the damn thing. Otherwise, free trash can for us!
  • Ah, the joys of living in the suburbs.
  • NOT.
  • Okay, but seriously, a flock of pigeons has infiltrated our street and I hate them ever so much, shitting all over the place and everything. If they only knew that some lovely big city streets encrusted with plenty of edible detritus lay just a few miles away. JUST FLY A FEW MILES EAST YOU IDIOT SKYRATS
  • The only good thing is that the pigeons don’t care one iota about our garden, what with its nasty, healthy, fresh food. I war enough with the rabbits and squirrels that I don’t need pigeons joining the mix.
  • I swear we came “this’ close to getting a high-powered slingshot to keep all those ground critters at bay.
  • Did you know that airsoft guns are illegal in NJ? We didn’t. Good thing we looked it up first. Hence the notion of getting a slingshot.
  • While life has been odd and domestic lately, I have continued dabbling in games, mostly ESO of late. I don’t know, I just like it. Me and my husband have been playing it quite a lot together – his joy was palpable recently upon gaining his first Level 50 character. It’s the little things.
  • I’m still playing Fallout 76, too, and I feel like the world’s most colossal idiot every time I log in. My solo character is still such a low level that I pretty much run away from everything while attempting to do quests. Emphasis on attempting. This November will mark the game’s two-year anniversary, and so many things about it are still very, very broken.
  • I am indeed very aware that I have three much better Fallout games in my stash that I could easily play. In fact, I would someday like to play through Fallout 3’s and Fallout: New Vegas’s DLC. But the thing of it is that, while I don’t necessarily always like playing Fallout 76, I love being in Appalachia. Since lots of our travel plans have been delayed, being in the game is a little like being on vacation. (It’s the same with ESO and it’s rather amazing environments.) It’s goofy to say, I know, but even if there are better stories to experience in apocalyptic Washington, DC or the Mojave Desert, in Appalachia, I’m able to craft my own story. That freedom feels nice right now despite the broken-ness of everything else in the game.
  • Speaking of which, I’ve also been playing a little of Marvel’s Spider-Man. And by “playing” I mean mostly just swinging around NYC, finding landmarks and taking pictures. Never before have I been less interested in a game’s story and more interested in “just being there” than with this game. This game will likely be on my “fun but never completed” list.
  • Is that all the tiddlebits?
  • Um….
  • Oh wait – Dragon Age! Just wanted to extend my thanks to anyone who’s found my Dragon Age: Origins videos entertaining enough to watch. Thanks! I’m happy to say that I’ve completed my Dragon Age II videos, as well. They’ll be going up immediately after DA:O finishes. I did not, however, have time to record Dragon Age: Inquisition. Which is okay, I think..for now anyway. The more I thought about applying my streamlined approach to DA:I, the more problems I uncovered. The biggest obstacle is that its story mission are gated behind acquiring points and influence. So there’s no way to easily go from story mission to story mission like with the previous games. I’d like to record a playthrough of DA:I someday, but I’ll really need to think about how to best approach it so that three-quarters of it isn’t me dicking around the Hinterlands. Nobody wants that…least of all, me.
  • Also! Toats shameless plug here, but I have a Let’s Play of Horizon Zero Dawn going up soon on Virtual Bastion’s channel. It’s starts next Monday; new videos will post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until completion. I’m really happy with the way it turned out, so please tune in if interested!
  • Okay, that’s the last tiddlebit for the moment.
  • I’m off to enjoy me day, and I hope you enjoy yours, too.
  • Look at that, a non-pessimistic sign-off! I guess this is growing up.
  • LOL, how much I loved Blink-182 back in the day. But only their album Enema of the State (1999). Everything after that was fucking terrible.
  • Oh, now there’s the negative nelly sign-off that we know and love!

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