Dragon Age: Origins – Episodes 2 and 3

My story-only adventures in Dragon Age: Origins with my new rogue Diana continue! In episode two, we meet adorable Alistair, find a sneaky Witch of the Wilds, and become a Grey Warden. What a day!

And then, in episode three, we take on the Darkspawn with the king, witness a general’s betrayal, and then wake up in a hut in our underwear. Y’know, as one does. 

Aside: I misspoke an awful lot in these two episodes. For example, in episode two, I mention that I’m going to complete the game with two rather than three companions. In episode three, I offhandedly say that you can’t control you party members, but you can, in fact, direct them in battle. It’s an interesting game mechanic, but one I’ve honestly never used, hence my naivety. Apologies! These videos have been put together with minimal editing, and I’m far from a perfect player. 🙂

FYI – my playthrough rules:
1. Play only main story quests; ignore any and all side quests.
2. Avoid all interactions with companions, NPCs, etc.
3. Play on casual to keep combat to a minimum.
4. Ignore most loot, save to re-stock certain inventory items.
5. In conversations, always choose the the first response listed.
6. Complete the game only with first three companions obtained.


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