Wastelanders is good, but it’s still Fallout 76

What did I make of my first go-round in Fallout 76’s expansion, Wastelanders? Why, I’m glad you asked! Only, you didn’t ask because that’s a silly question. Still, it is a question answered here on Virtual Bastion.


After hanging up my power armor and bidding not-so-tearful farewell to Fallout 76 late last year, I didn’t figure that I’d see much of Appalachia any time soon, no matter Bethesda’s purported roadmap for the game. The introduction of the Fallout 1st subscription service, while interesting in theory, only soured the situation further. And when the heralded return of NPCs was made known (for real this time, though delayed), my thought was to simply sit back and watch the fireworks ensue.

Only, they didn’t. Perhaps it was a sign of the times, but Fallout 76’s Wastelanders expansion released last week to mild fanfare and decent-ish reviews from the bloggers I read. (On larger sites, reviews remain mixed.) Despite my protestations, I guess you could say I was curious. Curious enough to want to know just how well, or poorly, Appalachia was doing with its new settlers, and raiders…

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