Bullet pointy point point points

How life’s been the past couple weeks? Well…let’s see…

  • COVIC-19 PANIC is waaaaay worse than COVID-19 itself. And that’s all I have to say about that.
  • Our cat’s doing well, thanks for asking! Well, he’s doing okay for the moment, anyway. Last weekend was utterly awful for him, where his back legs were so stiff and painful that he simply couldn’t walk. We spent three zombie-like days (as we were hardly sleeping) helping him around and trying to calm his loud yowls every time we picked him up. After putting in a call to the vet, he’s now on a steroid regimen, and he’s practically back to his old, slightly wobbly self again. Honestly, it’s just good to see him getting up and walking around on his own. And we’re sleeping again, which is a lovely plus.
  • Like many folks presently, I’m working now working remotely. I’m not good at it. I mean, I have an office setup and everything, but things are far more distracting at home than at work. You can chalk part of that up to cat care — I frequently check on him throughout the day — but I do like my office office. It also doesn’t help that I can really only do a discrete portion of my job at home. While while I’m catching up like a champ with certain tasks, I’m going to have a mountain of in-office things to do when we get back to normal.
  • Whatever “normal” is, and whenever it happens, that is.
  • The temptation to game while at home is strong, but the only consoles in my office are our Wii and Gamecube, neither of which are hooked up. And while I do occasionally think, hey, I could be playing Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube right now!, I also remember that I’m terrible at any and all Resident Evil games.
  • But, since so many outside things are temporarily shuttered and even online shopping isn’t very fun at the moment, it has allowed me some additional free time to game. A big Elder Scrolls Online update caused me and my husband to jump back into that again. It had been a few months since we played, and I had a grand time roaming around again with my lowly Level 24 Dragonknight Orc. I had forgotten just how wonderful the game looks and mostly feels. And, unfortunately, I had also forgotten the game’s control scheme. For some reason, my hands kept thinking I was playing Dragon Age, but…no.
  • Even so, after revisiting Tamriel, I decided to create a character I could play solo, as I do in all the games we play together because often our immediate gaming interests diverge. My solo alt is an Argonian of the Ebonheart Pact named Dread-Water, and he’s awesome. I’ve only just ventured out solo with him, and it’s going rather well. A recent moment of welcome levity occurred in an early questline that I’m currently following concerning a masked figure called the Scarlett Judge. During the quest, our hero takes on the mantle of the judge, mask and all and…tail? Indeed, the disguise didn’t cover Dread-Water’s long, lovely tail. But nobody seemed to notice. And seeing Dread-Water in his new fancy garb with his tail in plain sight just makes me chuckle.
  • These are really long bullet points. I’m re-thinking my choice now.
  • I think I thought that I might have quicker, more concise updates to offer, but sometime my free-form writing is less “free” and more “form.”
  • Which I guess means that I don’t “do” free form writing. Huh.
  • Crap. And now my train of thought has seized up.
  • Because this is what happens when you go into whatever you think free-form writing is, and then you start to overthink it. It’s like one moment your brain is all loosey-goosey, and the next, it’s like squeezing blood from a stone.
  • Part of it is because I just thought of something I really need from the grocery store and…I just don’t want to go back there…{sob}.
  • But I will, because MY HEART MUST GO ON.
  • No wait, that’s not right.
  • But I do have to go to the store. shitshitshitshitshitshitshiiiiiiiiii
  • Ugh, I don’t know why I’m complaining, and I’m sorry that this post devolved, as my bullet posts often do. It’s an easy construct to exploit, because don’t we love watching another person fall into madness. It’s hilarious!
  • But seriously, stay safe out there in the crazy world, good people. I’m going to try to do that…
  • …right…
  • …now.

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