Hello, world!

Lest the silly, WP default-style headline fool you, I am not sure that this post marks a return, but hello nonetheless! How I have missed this space, and, in a very real way, not missed it at all. I have both missed and not missed the compulsion to fill this space with bilge and bile.

I have both missed and not missed general creative writing and the dumping of words onto a screen.

I have missed keeping up with all of you; some of you have been quite busy staying afloat, and that’s inspiring.

I have not missed sleepless nights worrying about typos in otherwise perfect blog post…which…has never happened. I’m just sayin’.

The past couple months have been busy and emotional and exhausting and wonderful. I shall explain.

I guess I’ll get the elephant out of the way first. Which isn’t an elephant at all, but a cat. Our cat. Our sweet, grumpy, furry, black, 19-year-old Maine Coon/Persian mix. I’d very much like to post a picture of him right now, but doing so will only make me cry and not finish this post, so…there are pics of him floating around elsewhere on this blog, if you’re interested. (or, you can check out this old Geek Force Network post.) Don’t worry, he’s still alive and kicking, but we are becoming increasingly aware that he won’t be, eventually. He’s been a tough companion over the past couple years, as a series of old age issues have set in, particularly arthritis, that have affected our daily lives with him. But, he adapted, and we managed. Unfortunately, he started to visibly decline throughout most of 2019, particularly in the area of mobility. And then in December, he was diagnosed with kidney disease. To be honest, it wasn’t too surprising given the signs, but it really hit home then that while we still have time with him, we may not have that much time, which is nothing less than heartbreaking when I think about it. He’s been with us since he was six months old; he joined us on two cross-country moves and lived in ten different abodes; and he’s served up countless moments of joy and frustration through it all. I cannot not express in words just how hard it will be to say goodbye.

But, until then, since January, life has pretty much revolved around taking care of him. (“It’s like having a baby with old person problems” is how I described the situation to someone at work.) The biggest concern has been his deteriorating mobility due to arthritis. It’s been most severe in his back hips and legs; and some days, they just don’t work. Those days have been all about babysitting him and helping him around. And those days are the worst. Those days are the worst because he’s so helpless, and we can tell that he’s tired, tired from pain and just tired. It’s heart-wrenching.

On the flip side, those terrible days are countered by good days. Days when he can get around fine. Days when his legs cooperate, and he can get around just fine. Those are the days when we can go to work with clear consciences and not bawl at our desks in utter worry over his hours of alone-time. For now, he’s having more good days than bad, but the bad days are becoming more and more difficult, both for him and us. Between vet visits, daily life, and transitioning into cat nurses…it’s all just a lot right now.

While the cat’s sleeping right now (under his new heat lamp. did I mentioned we got him a heat lamp? He likes lamp, a lot), let’s run down some positive stuff. The past couple months marked a return to dealing with some waning house projects/renovations. Since we somehow escaped the winter with a major snowstorm (*knock on wood*), the general climate has been conducive to home store trips, deliveries of drywall and other hefty supplies, and less of that burdensome feeling of being unwantingly homebound. Not saying we’ve suddenly becoming possessed by the spirit of Bob Vila, but at least we’re on our way again to having a new bathroom and finishing the kitchen, and these are good things.

I also received a nice promotion at work…which, granted, is a double-edged sword. More money always means more tasking, but right now, more money is more money.

Of course, that reminds me about taxes. Eww.

Virtual Bastion is going well, thanks for asking! In fact, our YouTube channel recently hit 300 subscribers! While we were worried about how COPPA and YouTube’s change of service terms might affect our channels, in the end, we haven’t experience anything that’s significantly affected out videos. It’s a good sigh of relief, at this point. The site continues to do nicely, too.

On the gaming front, you might have caught that I am, at most, playing Grand Theft Auto Online. Despite all its underlying seediness, it is quite literally the most perfect and most mindless game I need in my life right now. Once the cat is settled in for the night and we’ve washed all the drywall dust our of our hair, GTA Online is nothing less than brilliant fun for braindead me and my husband. We can make a little money, cause a little chaos, and just be generally dumb for a little while. It’s pretty damn awesome. Beyond that, I have dipped again, after along absence, into GTA IV, and I also started replaying the comforting and simple tale of Fable. But life being what it is, those titles have mostly been related to the “time permitting” category. (Spoilers: I’ll be announcing a new “Sims-ulated” venture tomorrow on Virtual Bastion!)

Is that about it? I think it is, for now, anyway. And for now, I love to think that I’ll be back next week, but…maybe I’ll aim for two weeks. Yeah. bi-monthly posts sounds a little more doable, and seems like a nicer way to ease back into blogging. But don’t hold me to that. Given the world’s current state, I have no idea what life will be like tomorrow, let alone in two weeks. But it’s good to stay positive, anyway. For the love of all above, below, and every-damn-where in between, believe me, I’m tryin.’

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