The Road to Resistance is Paved with Good Intentions in The Outer Worlds

Though it had some excellent sights, beautiful sounds, and plenty of dark wit, The Outer Worlds came up a tad short in the story department. Those are my in-a-nutshell thoughts on the game; see here on Virtual Bastion for my full review!


I must admit that I had pretty high hopes for The Outer Worlds when I started playing it late last October. I mostly ignored whatever the big gaming sites had to say about it, preferring, instead, to read the blogosphere’s judgement. Which was roundly positive. Well, mostly. In the midst of reading, I penned a few choice comments of my own, which boiled down to “good game, bland story.” They were left while I was in the midst of the game itself. Now that I’ve finished the game, does my commentary still stand? Here’s my rundown of how things went in the land of the people versus the corporations versus famine versus monsters versus robots versus etc. etc. 

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