My PlayStation Year in Review (2019)

As most PlayStation users already know by now, Sony was kind (wierd?) enough to recently offer to its users their own 2019’s in review. (Click here for info and the link to the site; you have to have a PSN account, obvs.) As I always want to know what various companies have on me, of course I took a look at my own gaming stats from last year. And, for the sake of some form of tenuous posterity, I decided to capture a few relevant screenshots from my wrap-up and post them here.  I’ll offer my own two cents as we go along, and then will offer some final throughts after the gallery. 

Here we go!
Neverwinter doesn’t surprise me, but Fallout 76 does. [I really put 75 hours into that shitfest??] Also, I wish they would say which eleven. Let’s see…Neverwinter, Fallout 76, Fallout 4, RDRII. DA:I, The Outer Worlds, Marvel v. Capcom: Infinite, ESO, Batman: Arkham Knight…damn, what the hell are the other two??
The things that stand out here are (1) the 9-hr gaming streak looks impressive to me, but I’m almost certain it was from a particular day I tried to play when I was sick, and I ended up falling asleep with the PS4 on, oops; (2) that hour total averages out to about 4 hours of gaming per week, which is fairly accurate; and (3) while I don’t always turn down Sunday appts, I will (and have) if it’s the only day during the week when I can game.
Cute avatar, but I like my Guacamelee skull thankyouverymuch

Well, this was all very nice, but I have to say that my first reaction to all this was why the hell didn’t Sony make this info available on my PS4? If they’re collecting all this data already, I mean, how hard could that be? I wouldn’t mind knowing how many hours I spent generally playing some games without having to load them up and find out (and that’s only if they even offer such stats). And…

Oh wait – those other two games! Could they be including PS3 games in this count? If so, then Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II would account for the missing two. But…no, wait. Didn’t I also play Sleeping Dogs on the PS3 last year? Or did I do that in 2018? Shit, look at me asking you like you know when I don’t even know.

Anyway, I think the real bottom line here is that despite the fact that Sony says that I really like Neverwinter, and I do like it, it didn’t make the cut of my Top 5 Favorite Games of 2019. So there.

Though, I will say that with having spent so much time with the PS4 last year, it has made me re-think my “favorite console” generally. For ages it was the Xbox 360, thanks mostly to its awesome controller. But I’ve really grown to like the PS4 controller, so… … Having just re-ventured into GTA IV on the PS3, I know I like the PS4 controller waaaaaay better than the ol’ dualshock, but we’ll see how this gaming year pans out.

So…if we’re not talking about PS3 games here…god…what the actual hell were those OTHER TWO DAMN GAMES??!


(Thanks very much, Sony, for driving me nuts.)


  1. Haha I always enjoy these stats. I wish it could take into account when I pause a game for a few hours and come back to it, because seeing astronomical numbers next to a game that I know actually only took me 70 hours to clear (and not the 800 Sony thinks), is just hysterical. I hope you’re not driven too crazy by the numbers!

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    • 😀 Well, the “11 games” thing is still bothering me (though I think I figured out one of the missing two, but even after going through my library, I’ve still no idea of the last one). Stats are always interesting, and gaming stats more so, but it’d be even more interesting to learn just how Sony compiled our numbers. Or, perhaps it be more suitable to ask just how closely are they watching us…! #trustnoone

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