Top 5: Favorite Games Played in 2019

Last year, in an among all the Dragon Age-ing and Mass Effect-ing, I enjoyed some solid games! Well, solid, other games. Err…I mean…you know what I mean! See here on Virtual Bastion for my list favorite games played (that can’t be abbreviated as DA or ME) last year.


Happy 2020, y’all! With the start of a whole new year with lots of twos and zeroes, it seems more than appropriate to bridge this moment between the end of Listmas and the beginning of a new year in gaming with a festive not-Listmas list post. And that list, the one that is right here, features my top five favorite games that I played and finished, or finally finished, or are still working through, in 2019. So they aren’t all games that were released this year. Rather, they are the new, new-ish, and new-to-me games that proved to be my gaming highlights of last year. It feels weird saying that, what with the “old year” only a day behind us, but onward with all the listing!

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Image (© Nintendo) taken by author during gameplay on the Nintendo Switch.

Of the 2019 games I completed…

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  1. If you love a realist experience Red Dead Redemption II is the game you should play and believe me, this is the game you’ll treasure in your heart and the storyline is one of the best ever.

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