Resonance: The Outer Worlds – Main Theme

Tis the season for some music! And, by all means, make it Christmas music! But if you need a break from the jingling and the jangling, why not turn an ear towards the main theme of The Outer Worlds? I did for Virtual Bastion; you won’t be disappointed.


Even though the Mass Effect series has become my current jam, it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about The Outer Worlds. In it, my “new” ship is currently waiting patiently for me to blast off from the town of Edgewater to unknown places and further adventures in the greater galaxy. My character, Charlee, waiting there, too, along with my new friend Parvati, who I hope is getting along well enough with the ship’s somewhat sarcastic AI, ADA. Don’t worry, you guys, as soon as Commander Shepard does his thing, I’ll be back for some exploring and firefights! 

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