Your Horror Mileage May Vary in BioShock

Though Halloween is becoming a but a memory, #Spooktober lives on! In my third post for Virtual Bastion‘s celebration of spooky gaming, I took a look back at BioShock. It may not be a typical “horror” game, but parts of it sure are creepy enough!


When BioShock was first described to me way back when it was first released in 2007, the words “survival” and “horror” were emphasized. Me being the chicken that I am, I subsequently avoided the game for a very long time. As if the “horror” tag wasn’t enough, the fact that this game, or any game, supposedly required me to keep my wits about me with limited resources in a world filled with terror, was more than enough to make me say to it No. Thank. You.

Fast forward ten years to me finally playing the game in 2017 and discovering that I couldn’t have been more wrong. Well, wrong about not playing it. Because I should have, much sooner.

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