Surviving Dread in DOOM II

I kicked things up a notch for my second Virtual Bastion #Spooktober with this brief wandering into the demon-strewn world of DOOM II.



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  1. Man, what a great game. I had played Wolfenstein 3d on a cousin’s computer and then when we’d gotten a 386 for the family we got Blake Stone, as that passed the parental muster. Once I got my own roaring Dx2-66 I bought Doom 2 and loved every second of it.

    I felt very powerful playing the game. And that game led me on to Heretic, Hexxen, Hexxen 2, etc. Then when I found a graphics updater version, I replayed Heretic and Hexxen and it was still glorious 🙂

    It is amazing how these experiences (so good for me, so scary for you) have stuck with us for lo, these many decades 😀

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    • I always wanted to play the Heretic games, but never got around to them. PC gaming and I kind of parted ways after I moved away for college. I’m sure that DOOM II must have looked very nice on your Intel PC – how luxurious! 😁 Our home PC could just barely handle it with just a few sputters.

      It is funny just how well some of our memories persists, while other fade away. As well as how nostalgia tinges them. Watching DOOM II now, I could never imagine being scared of it, but back then, in our darkened computer room, it was a very scary thing, for sure.

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