The Sights and Sounds of DOOM

Wait, since when did it become nearly the end of October?! Despite my inability to keep time, it’s #Spooktober over on Virtual Bastion, and we’re celebrating scary games all month long! Here’s my first #Spooktober entry, which is all about, of course, DOOM.


Happy #Spooktober, everyone! As far as scary games go, images of id Software’s 1993 classic corridor shooter, DOOM, like this one…

…this one…

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  1. Doom is one of those classic games that everyone is supposed to have played, but that I just can’t get myself to try out. I don’t know, I’m not a big metal fan and the monster designs just don’t appeal to me. But it feels weird, since everyone always seems so enthusastic about it

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    • By today’s standards, the original DOOM is pretty simplistic, and, quite frankly, lacking flair, so I get where you’re coming from. I feel like people’s enthusiasm for it, including my own, is borne out of nostalgia more than anything – good vibes that resonate “a simpler time,” and all that. I know many a player who have never touched DOOM, and yet, they have perfectly wonderful video game lives. 🙂

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