Good Night, Arthur Morgan

I finally finished Red Dead Redemption II! Could I BE more celebratory?! Probably. But instead, I tried to make sense of the Ballad of Arthur Morgan over on Virtual Bastion.


When I formally hung up my Red Dead Redemption II hat back in February, I had no idea how close I actually was to finishing its main story. Well…at the risk of SPOILERS, which will ABOUND in this post…Arthur Morgan’s main story, that is. I also really had no idea what laid in wait for Mr. Morgan or our merry crew of Van Der Linde outlaws. Oh, with Arthur contracting tuberculosis and gang leader Dutch becoming increasingly unhinged, I thought I might have fooled myself into thinking how it was all going to end up. To some degree, it did. But to another, I was absolutely floored at how the game’s events played out. I mean, like, floored to the point that I was staring at the TV screen, mouth agape, in shock at what I had just witnessed. I must say that I didn’t think it…

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