Five on Shuffle, #32 [Final, for now]

Finishing a good thing (or at least, a moderately enjoyable thing), this is the last (for now) post in this monthly series called “Five on Shuffle” where I’ve attempted to reconnect with my iPod by using it regularly only and continuously on “shuffle.” Once a month I’ve stopped at a completely random interval, snapped photos of five songs in a row, and then posted and write about them here. The writing has be heavy or light, depending on whether or not I’ve anything remotely clever to say about any given song. 

1. Mine all Mine – Motörhead

RIP Lemmy.

I swear that in and among all the songs ever written about the game of attraction, somehow the sounds of Motörhead seem the most sincere. There’s just some too their bullshit-free lyrics, speaking simple truths and laying them all out on the table with nothing to hide. Something like that.

2. Looking for a Kiss – New York Dolls

Most of the time when listening to the New York Dolls, I completely forget that its lead singer, David Johansen, would go on to feelin’ Hot Hot Hot. I’m sure he would, too. Then again, I’m also sure that he’s not livin’ off of NYD money, so… “Looking for a Kiss” is probably among the more recognizable songs of NYD’s small output, and it’s too bad that they didn’t find more success. In a mid-1970s glam world that was heavily populated by better overall musicians, like David Bowie, it was probably a difficult landscape for more insular bands like NYD. Still, they gave the world some really good pre-punk, punky sounds.

3. April 29th, 1992 – Ozomatli

RIP Bradley.

You guys have to know by now that I l-o-v-e Sublime. I don’t really follow bands any more, but with Sublime, damn if I didn’t I follow Bradley Nowell and crew to the ends of the earth and back. So of course I was going to pick up this Sublime tribute album, Look at All the Love We Found. And, well…it’s a mixed bag. Ozomatli’s version of “April 29th, 1992 (Miami)” reflects incredibly well that band’s strengths. My only beef with it is a personal one, it’s a bit too upbeat for a song about what was a supremely fucked up situation. It’s a fine cover, but I definitely prefer the original.

4. One Flight Down – Norah Jones

I adore Norah Jones’s voice. Her warm, soothing tones can pretty much wipe away any signs of stress and unhappiness. It’s too bad that’s not enough to save the world. Until it is, we’ll always have her gorgeous debut album with great songs like “One Flight Down.”

5. Run With the Wolves – The Prodigy

RIP Keith.

The energy. The loudness. That pure feeling of electronic flight. It’s all here on this album and in this song. it’s fitting that this turned up al the final song on my iPod. It’s just the right kind of angry mixed with happy. It also reminds me that I need more Prodigy, always.


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