Favorite Nintendo Character: Yoshi

When it came down to picking my favorite Nintendo character for Virtual Bastion’s #NintendoSeptember, I’m sure I could have picked someone other than Yoshi. But I didn’t!


When asking the question of “what is your favorite Nintendo [insert subject]?”, a good deal of though is usually involved. After all, it’s not easy to quickly run down Nintendo’s enormous catalog of entertainment to pick out even a small handful of names, titles, or phrases. But the challenge of answering this week’s #NintendoSeptember topic “what is your favorite Nintendo character?” proved no challenge at all, because for me, there is only one answer. This lovable dinosaur:

Image by Flickr user Daniel Costa (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Oh, believe you me, as I continued to ponder the question, the veritable roster of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came to mind – which I don’t think can be complete until you include Death from Conker’s Bad Fur Day, if not the feisty squirrel himself. In fact, my final choices besides Yoshi boiled down to two…errr, three characters: the spunky…

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