Monthly Maunder: September 2019

Though it’s not officially Fall, it’s September, which means (1) we can at least pretend like it’s getting cooler around here, which it is, actually and thankfully, and (2) it’s time for a bulleted catch-up!

Wait, what?

  • What I Did On My Summer Vacation: I played Dragon Age. The End.
  • Okay. But it’s true. For whatever reason, several months back, back when nothing about either Dragon Age 4 or Fable came out of E3, I got the hankerin’ to revisit the Dragon Age games. Outside of messing around in the likes of Fallout 67 and ESO, they were my go-to games for whenever I wasn’t at a family event or puttering around in the garden or worrying about that goddamn roof leak.
    • What roof leak? Oh nothin’. Just a small inside leak that’s causing us to have to have the entire roof replaced. Y’know. Cause owning a house is so much fucking fun sometimes.
  • Anyway, Dragon Age. I really wanted to deep dive into its lore, and that’s just what I did. Good times, really. I’m not saying that I could hold my own in a discussion on the Chantry’s history, because good god there’s just TOO much, but I feel particularly better about my knowledge of eleven lore, specifically.
  • For the record and my future self whenever I pick up the games again, this time around my DA:O hero was a female City Elf warrior who romanced Zevran; my DAII Hawke was a female rogue who loved everyone but romanced no one (though the game had me with Fenris in the epilogue); and my DAI herald/inquisitor was a male Elf archer who fell head over heels for Dorian. The two of them together was just too damn adorable.
  • Sticking in the realm of fantasy, can I talk about The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance? You guys, I have to admit that I had low expectations going in. Not only am I currently in a “blue” period as far as TV/streaming goes these days, but the thought of someone scrambling with one of my most loved movies of childhood (The Dark Crystal) just didn’t sit right with me. Thankfully, my fears were utterly misplaced. I just finished the series and I ❤❤❤ it. Oh, it is not without its own odd choices in storytelling, and some of the episodes lingered on more than they have should, but it is probably the most compelling show I’ve watched in recent memory.
  • But, y’know, most of that compulsion comes not from DC:AoR’s story, which contains its typical tropes, but from watching the craft of it all. The world of DC:AoR is tactile, vivacious, and beautifully staged. The pure realness of watching these literal puppet masters do their thing is as heartfelt as it is purely amazing. My fandom of the Muppets trumps all else, and that has has as much to do with the characters as the people behind the scenes who created them and brought them to life. DC:AoR doesn’t necessarily make me want to say “fuck CGI,” but the show has rekindled that deep sense of wonderment that I get from watching things of this ilk.
  • I must admit, though, I feel a tad distant from the story that DC:AoR presented, because…well, thanks to The Dark Crystal, we already know how things end. (The AV Club has a great article up on this paradox/dilemma.) So again, this brings me back to watching the show more for its craft than the plight of its characters.
  • (pauses the thinking of next bullet)
  • (…promises self to not prattle on about The Dark Crystal…)
  • (too late)
  • When I was a kid, maybe ten or eleven, I drew three large images of three characters from The Dark Crystal: Gen and Kira, the Gelflings, and Fizzgig, the, uh…Fizzgig. I hung them on the wall of my bedroom, and I was so very proud of them.
  • I would love an up-close-and-personal with one of the Skeksis costumes. I’m truly fascinated by their disgusting opulence; their bulk and layers; how they move, flow, and function.
  • I think I’ve mentioned before that, in a former life, I worked making costumes for various theatre productions. I think it’s that part of me that’s talking right now. I don’t really miss the work, but I miss seeing people in the results, acting on stage – my clothing brought to life. Lots of good memories there.
  • Unfortunately, life is not a theatre production. Or is it? I swear that the news these days makes it seem so sometimes. And we are all both laughing and crying.
  • Why did Honda make the new Civic so damn ugly?
  • Did I ever mention that I like cars? Not in the “gearhead” way, just aesthetically-speaking. Enough to be super judgy whenever a redesign proves hideous, like it does with the new Civic.
  • Ha. It’s kinda like when Dorian judges the Inquisitor’s library or anyone’s fashion sense. Though I think Solas gets the upper hand on Dorian in the regard with at least a few biting remarks.
  • Okay, so I really have to stop with the Dragon Age.
  • Oh, hey! I got a Switch! And I’ve pre-ordered Link’s Awakening. It’s very exciting. Considering how things went south with me and Breath of the Wild, I’m looking forward to a more contained and much cuter Zelda-based adventure.
  • But now that I’m over Dragon Age, before Link comes along, I simply must finish Red Dead Redemption II. It’s my next personal challenge. especially since I also want to be free and clear for The Outer Worlds later on this year.
  • I always have to laugh a little at my personal gaming ambitions these days, because with as stressed out as I’ve been lately, lord only know I’ll just end up replaying Mass Effect or something.
  • Yeah, revisiting Dragon Age was partially out of comfort. I mean, our roof leaking has only been one out of many issues.
  • I get it. “Owning a house” is part of the American Dream and all, but it fucking sucks sometimes. Seriously, this past summer had both me and my husband blaspheming that we’d almost rather be living in an apartment. We’d really not but the feeling was definitely there.
  • The roof matter, alone, is also denting our savings. But good thing we saved.
  • See, who says electronic entertainments are good for nothing? Shit, if it wasn’t for video games and the internet allowing us to live lavish lifestyles without spending a dime on overpriced hotel rooms and tiny plates, we surely wouldn’t be able to afford a new roof.
  • You might think, “oh, but that’s just sad.” And maybe it would be, for you.
  • Me? I’m just fine. Life is what life is right now. It will change. It always does. Go with the flow, y’know?
  • Speaking of which, September also means that it’s pumpkin spice season. Which is mostly gross. And which furthermore means that it’s time for me to get duped into trying some new pumpkin spice coffee creation, usually from Dunkin Donuts, since I’m one of their card carrying addicts. This year that involved their new Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Signature Latte, without the whipped cream, because I swear that I will cut anyone who tries to put whipped cream on my coffee. It was gross, as expected. Just too sweet with hardly any coffee taste at all.
  • I hate sweet coffee. I know this. And yet, every goddamn year…
  • The only saving grace is that it was free, because, as an addict, it’s easy to rack up lots of DD free coffee coupons. DD may not be the best coffee, but when it’s free, it’s alright by me. Dark roast with 3 cream; hot in winter and iced in summer. Yum-mee.
  • Over the summer, in addition to doing Dragon Age, I also did lots of Japanese iced coffee – my new favorite method of making it, involving brewing hot coffee directly over ice. Oh man, it is heavenly.
  • Why do I always tend to end these things on food lately? Writing does actually make me hungry, I don’t know what it is. Or sleepy. One or the other. Which means I should probably stop writing, because it is bedtime, and I don’t do late-night snacking. But I’m also not that sleepy, which could be a problem.
  • Now I’m annoyed that I’m using the word “which” too much. Which is not helping matters any.
  • And now we’re just being silly.
  • G’night, folks.


    • That’s an easy thing to do with DD coffee! (Some mornings, it’s the only thing that helps me get to lunch, haha.) Their pumpkin spice flavor is super popular, and it’s only around for a limited time, so folks have to get it while the getting is good! 😄

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