Five on Shuffle, #31

Continuing a good thing (or at least, a moderately enjoyable thing), this is my monthly series called “Five on Shuffle” where I attempt to reconnect with my iPod by using it regularly throughout the year and using it only and continuously on “shuffle.” Once a month I’m going to stop at a completely random interval, snap photos of five songs in a row, and then post and write about them here. The writing may be heavy or light, depending on whether or not I’ve anything remotely clever to say about any given song. 

1. Battle Flag – Lo Fidelity All-Stars

I must admit that the first time I heard “Battle Flag,” I experienced one of those 🤯 moments. It wasn’t the song that introduced me to electronica, but it was the song that made me realize there was much more to the genre and cool beats and smooth synths. Flat out, this song ROCKED, and I loved listening to it at full blast, despite my poor eardrums. It also made me dive deep into Pigeonhed, the originator of the song. That dive didn’t last long, though, as the Lo-Fidelity Allstars won out in the end for me.

2. Babylon Feeling – Everlast

Between this album and Everlast’s previous one, Whitey Ford Sings the Blues, Everlast was a constant musical force in my life at the time. His earnest, twangy hip-hop was just so perfect, so head-bopping, and so endearing. It still is, and I still feel those old neural connections fire up every time a song from one of those albums comes round.  And let’s be honest, any time you can add Carlos Santana to your roster, all the better.

3. Hot and Bothered – Cinderella

Okay, so the video quality is perfectly awful, but what’s really got me here is the iPod listing. Because I know that Cinderella’s hair metal classic (I was never much of a fan, but I think they were a sight better than some other hair metal bands that found tons more success) is, first and foremost, on my iPod because of the Wayne’s World soundtrack. However, it’s here listed from a greatest hits album…which means…I bought a second copy of the song after the fact? I’m confused. Though I’m thinking that the latter is true because this song is on a 90s playlist that I created along time ago. So…I’m still confused. Not quite “hot and bothered,” but still.

4. Paranoid – Megadeth

As much as I l-o-v-e Dave Mustiane’s take on this Black Sabbath beauty, I retain mixed feelings about how sped up it is. I certainly don’t deny Megadeth being Megadeth, but a little something is lost in tearing through this short but deep tune about depression, and potentially, suicide.

5. Vampires – Atmosphere

There are a million great hip-hop lyricists, but damn if Slug doesn’t top all of ’em with this album. This song in particular, “Vampires,” tells the story of a city versus its people, intricately told in a morbid, solemn fashion, all in front of a simple yet sick beat.


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