Unforgettable: The Interactive Intro of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Sometimes there’s nothing like recalling the “good ol’ days.” For me, that meant fantastic days filled with play. Play that included romps through now-classic video games, such as the unforgettable LucasArts’ title, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. See Virtual Bastion for this little trip down memory lane.


When I first started playing video games in earnest, words like “Atari” and “arcade” were commonplace. “Nintendo” and “Mario” soon followed, and with them came a chasm-like leap in video game technology. After spending countless hours with relatively simple (but not simplistic) games like Pole Position and Defender, I was utterly wowed by what would eventually become our very small NES catalog: Super Mario Bros.,Duck Hunt, Super Mario 3, and Tecmo Super Bowl. A similar thing would happen when we obtained the SNES and I was introduced to the game-to-end-all-games, Super Metroid. But in between the two consoles, I stumbled into the relatively nascent (but not new) world of PC gaming, where I found a catalog of games that remain as magical now as they did then – the adventure games of LucasArts.

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