Thirty Hours and Counting in Fallout 76

Never in a million years did I think that I would play Fallout 76. After doing so, never in a million years did I think I would have this much fun playing it. Thirty-hour impressions of it here on Virtual Bastion.


A couple factors played into my decision to continue riding the Fallout wave with Fallout 76. Among the biggest was words from regular gaming bloggers. While most big gaming sites had seemed to give up on the game, many fellow game-players who had invested in the title seemed to really enjoy it, at least as far as it went with the words they put on their blogs and social media. While Fallout 76 wasn’t a perfect game, they often wrote, it was no longer the unplayable disaster it was at launch in late 2018, and it provided varying means of enjoyment. Maybe those means came from helping others. Maybe they came from building the most elaborate encampment. Maybe they came from working with a team to take down a big monster. Whatever the means, lots of people, it seemed, were liking the heck out of Fallout 76. So…

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    • Ah, then have at! 😄👍 Physical copies of the game on the Xbox/PS4 for pretty cheap these days, so it’s not even that much of an investment to get started.

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