These Days, What Makes a Game Worth Pre-Ordering?

A nominally interesting pre-order deal on Cyberpunk 2077 (which is still happening, as far as I can tell from Amazon) is what kicked off my thoughts in this recent Virtual Bastion post. Pre-ordering games in this day and age: love it or leave it?


In case you’ve not been on the Internet for a minute, news of a nominal discount on Cyberpunk 2077 pre-orders (for the standard edition on the PS4 and Xbox One) has been popping up all over the place. No one knows how long the “sale” will last, but if you pop over to Amazon or Walmart right now, you can pre-order the game for around fifty bucks. It’s not a bad deal…if you’re into pre-orders and Cyberpunk 2077. The discount caught wind in my own household, but in the end, we opted to pass. Although we’ll likely be adding the game to our library eventually, the need to somehow “get it NOW” just wasn’t that strong. Other than the discount, there were no other pre-order bonuses. And who knows? Maybe an even better deal might rear its head in the coming months. 

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    • Oh, I feel for him. Have to admit that I was very tempted, early on, to do the same. Waiting to see more of the finished product paid off, for me, not for BioWare.

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