The Call of the Lore

Sometimes, it’s the games that aren’t featured at our big gaming conventions that provoke the most thought. Recently on Virtual Bastion, I wrote about how I pined over a couple games that were no-shows at E3 and then took solace in a game from the past where lore is king.


Despite some of the personal positives that came out of E3 this year, I am still left wanting with two games that were absent from the proceeding: Fable 4 and Dragon Age 4.   The original Fable was there for me when things went south with me and Nintendo via Super Mario Galaxy. Dragon Age introduced me to a world like no other. Say what you may about the various highs and lows in each series, but both offered compelling gameplay surrounded by fantasy-driven plots that ranged from sweet and simple to complex and political. With nary a mention of either title at the biggest showcase of gaming anticipation of the year, my soul deflated.

But…why? I could easily go online and learn of whatever rumors and news may be out there in order to build up my hopes. I could also fill the gaps a little by playing…

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