Finally Finished: Fallout 4

The name says it all! Oh yes, it is with the greatest sense of relief that finally finished Fallout 4! (Well…for now, anyway. 😊) See how it all went down in the final throes on Virtual Bastion.


Last Listmas, I made a few gaming promises to myself, one of which I actually just made happen. I finally finished Fallout 4! And it only took four years!

In thinking about how to sum up my Fallout 4 experience, fragmented as it was over many months, I can’t help but briefly compare it to both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. I liked all the games for different reasons. The short version goes something like this. I like Fallout 3 because of its impactful setting. I liked Fallout: New Vegas because of its delightfully self-serving and compelling story. I liked Fallout 4 the most because it offered a variety of world-building options. As it stand, New Vegas is still my favorite.

But we’re not here to talk about the post-apocalyptic gambling capital of the world! We’re here to discuss Fallout 4, so let’s do just…

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    1. For sure. There’s no denying that the game had launch problems, but jumping in now, I’m finding that Fallout 76 plays fine and provides a fun, if different, Fallout experience.


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