The PS5 and Gaming without Boundaries (Maybe)

Is Sony on the verge of something big with its next gaming console, or is it all just old news? On Virtual Bastion, I recently offered up some of my own speculations on the PS5 and the streamable(?) future of gaming.


Earlier this week, Sony revealed a bit of footage showing the new Spider-Man game running buttery smooth on its next-gen console (deemed the PS5, for now) versus the same game’s performance, with load screens, on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Further, at its recent investor relations conference (IR Day 2019), Sony revealed more details about its plans for the PS5, how it will fit into the current gaming ecosystem, and what users might expect performance-wise. And then there was an earlier announcement that Sony and Microsoft have teamed up for something relating to cloud-based gaming, which was apparently a surprise to folks at Sony. However, it came out at IR Day 2019 that there was no such partnering.


All in all, it’s been quite the week for Sony.

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