Top 5: 1990s Fighting Games I’d Like to See Rebooted

It was with fighting games and nostalgia on my mind (as they ALWAYS are) that I offered up this post on Virtual Bastion recently It’s all about fighting games of the bygone days of the 1990s that I wouldn’t mind see get a 21st century makeover.


With the recent release of the viscerally exciting Mortal Kombat 11, I can’t help but revisit that moment when I first played the original Mortal Kombat game on the SNES some 25 years ago. I was so out of sorts with the controls, having become used to the Street Fighter way of doing things. And yet, I still had a blast punching and kicking my way through what was then a very sophisticated-looking series of fighters. While Street Fighter might have initially presented a route towards fighting games, Mortal Kombat helped solidify in my mind that it was the right path. Oh, I wasn’t, and still aren’t, a master of the craft, but in fighting games I found a satisfaction that just didn’t come from any other games. Because they present a challenge and constantly offer me room for improvement, they feel infinite and timeless.

For a time during…

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