Let’s Play Neverwinter!

As I work to get things back on track here (Virtual Bastion reposts will return next Monday), I’m just popping in this morning to share my newest and most awesome VB Let’s Play of Neverwinter!

Alright, so the phrase “most awesome” is relative. There certainly have been times when I questioned that phrase in regards to this very game, but here we are, nonetheless. As evidenced here, I’ve been having myself a mostly good time in this fast-paced MMORPG, despite the fact that I’m pretty much ignoring the “MMO” side of it. As an RPG, Neverwinter is a fun if quirky game, one that feels less punishing and more rewarding than some non-MMO RPGs that I’ve played. Granted, this playthrough only covers the main story up to what is now its level cap of 70*, and I ignore the really grindy stuff that starts around level 60 in order to get there. So this Let’s Play is for folks who’ve never played the game and might be interested in it, or it’s for folks who could care less about the game but enjoy watching a semi-capable solo player deal with life as a fighter in a D&D world. At least that’s how I see it.

So there you have it. Neverwinter to watch, or not. If you want to check it out, new videos will be posted to Virtual Bastion’s YouTube channel every Saturday and Sunday for the next several months. I also post the videos around the site here, and I’ll be saving them to a playlist on my own YouTube channel. Onward to Level 70 we go!

*Now out for PC and coming to consoles in June, the game’s latest expansion, Undermountian (Mod 16), boosts the level cap to 80.

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