Esports to be Large and In Charge in New Fusion Arena

Esports on the East Coast?! You betcha, what with the all-new Fusion Arena! It’s a story I just had to cover recently over on Virtual Bastion.


Will fans of esports will soon be traveling in droves to the east coast of the United States to see their favorite teams in action? It’s possible! Earlier this week, plans for a new esports arena, touted as the largest such complex in the Western hemisphere, were unveiled by Comcast Spectator and The Cordish Companies, a real estate developer.  With the experience of marketing professional sports teams and live events under its belt, Comcast Spectacor seems primed and ready to give esports this permanent and dedicated fixture. The Fusion Arena, which will be built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will serve as the primary showcase for the Philadelphia Fusion, the city’s Overwatch League. The arena’s developers note that the space will also serve as a “premiere destination for competitive gaming events,…[and] will also host a variety of live entertainment programming and experiences.” With several thousand square feet of entertainment space, including…

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  1. I do think esports are far more interesting than the mainstream media gives them credit for. It’s practically performance art. Are most major venues on the West coast? Given how many technology firms are in states bordering the Pacific Ocean, it would make sense.

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    • Yep, the two I know of are in California, but they recently built another one in Texas. The Fusion Arena is apparently the first one to be designed specifically to support an esports team. Watching the rise of esports is kinda like what it was to watch the rise of extreme sports in the early 2000s, which are all now as valid as any “regular” sport. No doubt that eports will eventually have its day in the sun.

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