Mario Memories

This year’s Mario Day is but a distant memory. Good thing my own Mario memories are as fresh as the day they were formed. Well, almost. Check ’em out over on Virtual Bastion!


This past Sunday was Mario Day, a faux but fun holiday created by Nintendo a few years ago to celebrate all things Mario. With all the Mario-themed output across the Internet on Mar. 10 (which kind of looks like “Mario,” right?), I couldn’t help but get a little swept up in all the silliness. Because Mario and me, we go way back. Back to the days of playing Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. in my movie theatre’s arcade (well, when the Ms. Pac-Man machine was busy, that is). Back to the days of replaying the same first few levels of Super Mario Bros. on our shiny new NES – it didn’t matter that I was terrible at it. And back to the days when I was sure that you would have to pry the NES controller out of my cold, dead hands before I’d stop playing Super Mario…

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