Monthly Maunder: March 2019

Some random (really random) quick takes.

  • Daylight savings time really threw me for a loop this year; still feeling its effects days later. Also, is it really March? I can’t believe it’s already March.
  • Community engagement from my end remains low. Sorry, guys. It’s not you, it’s me.
  • Recently saw Incredibles 2. Good movie, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first one.
  • The Dragon Prince (on Netflix) is so good. But I bet you already knew that.
  • Speaking of Netflix, Man Like Mobeen is my new fav. The strong accents throw me sometime, but it’s still enjoyable.
  • Oh, dude, duuuuuuude, have you seen People Just do Nothing? I know I’m late to the party, but it’s damn good.
  • Kinda looking forward to the What We Do in the Shadows TV show.
  • Though…too bad we don’t get FX. Hmph.
  • Netflix is increasing its prices…again. Maybe we will get FX again, once Netflix becomes the same price as cable.
  • The circle of one’s technological life is funny, sometimes.
  • I love me a good grilled cheese sandwich, and I don’t mind ordering them from a decent food joint. But I refuse to pay over $5.00 for one. Especially if the thing is simply two slices of bread and cheese. (Inclusion of soup, fries, salad is $7.00 tops.) Went to one place recently that had the utter gall to charge $10.95 for a simple grilled cheese sandwich + fries. Unless that shit is made with unicorn onions and mermaid oil, you best GTFO.
  • Been dealing with an odd ceiling/roof leak at home. Which is just so great, because we’re in the midst of the wettest winter we’ve had in some time. So. Great. This situation, combined with other house-related issues that have popped up recently, has drummed up, for the first time since we bought our house, feelings of wishing that we still lived in an apartment. Yep, it’s that bad.
  • But we’ve got our seeds started! So we’ll be damned if something good doesn’t come of this year!
  • Also, the generally gross weather has been keeping allergies at bay, so that’s really good news. Usually by this time of year, everything on my face is leaking or swollen.
  • Have you tried Beyond Burgers? They are the absolute best plant-based food I have ever had. EVER. Like, in all my years of vegetarianism, never did I think I’d see a time where veggie burgers were at their most palatable. That time is now with Beyond Burgers. I just want to eat them every day. But I can’t, because they are kind of expensive, and kind of hard to find at my grocery store. I stockpile them every time they get some in. BY GOD IN MY APOCALYPSE I WILL BE HAVING BEYOND BURGERS OVER MY HOBO FIRE WITH MY DOG AND PIPE GUN BY MY SIDE.
  • I’m playing Fallout 4 again, btw. It’s been a welcome homecoming so far. After being immersed in Neverwinter’s extremely busy and exhausting world, it feels quite good to be back in the solitude of the wasteland.
  • Oh, Red Dead Redemption II? Ummm….we’re on a break.
  • Still playing Neverwinter, though I can feel its iron-clad grip becoming less iron-clad. Still haven’t done any high-level campaigning. I’ve mainly just been creating and leveling various characters, but I’m determined to finish at least one low-level campaign fully.¹ Yet, this effort has made me realize that I’m likely not built for MMOs long-term because damn if I don’t HATE repeatable quests.
    • My husband: “Why are you doing that quest for the millionth time?”
    • Me: “Because I hate myself, but also because I need those GODDAMNED ACORNS SO JUST LET ME BE THIS JANKY BEHOLDER AGAIN OKAY??”
      ¹I may not make it because the next to last quest is literal garbage and I hate it and its creators.²
        ²Okay, look, I’m not trying to be an asshole; I’m sure the people behind Neverwinter are nice. But seriously, “Ranaer’s Salvation” can suck it. SUCK ALL OF IT.
  • At work, I am amused by the number of people who ask me to text them information. I’m further amused at their various reactions when I tell them that I can’t send texts from my phone. See, cause it’s a desk phone. No wifi. No keypad. Wild, I know.
  • Also amusing is when I tell people I will send them paperwork by mail. Real-life snail mail, at that. Sometimes I don’t think they believe me.
  • Art- and music-making videos tend to make up most of our YouTube-watching watching time. This led to my introduction to the channel Red Means Recording. Two thumbs up; highly recommend. On the art side, Greg “Craola” Simkins is downright awesome. And we’ve been enjoying the adventures of Doke, as well.
  • Our cat is doing well, thanks for asking. After discovering that at some of his ailments were likely caused by a long-term food allergy and switching up his diet, he’s doing so much better than he was. He’s still an eighteen year old cat, but at least he’s now a relatively healthy one.
  • Reminds me that I should probably see my own doctor again someday. Outside of a couple backslides, I’m doing fairly well with my “giving up sugar” routine. Nightly desserts are relegated to weekends, if that. And no longer do I feel the need to have “coffee and…” (“Just coffee” is fine.)
  • Besides my new love of Beyond Burgers (they also make sausage!), I’ve grown quite fond of the meatless stuff from Gardein. They make incredibly delicious “meatballs,” and a couple of their “chicken” products are just about the best thing going in stir-fries. MMMMMM. So many noms.
  • In my house, fake chicken is called “chick-‘N’,” fake beef is “boof,” and fake pork is “perk.” We just might be a couple of five-year-olds.
  • For a work thing, I made some of wedding cookies, the kind that you roll in powered sugar. And for the first time ever, I realized exactly why you roll them in sugar afterwards. I mean, I know it’s because you need to extra sugar, otherwise they are kind of bland, but I really think it’s to hide the fact that they are ugly-ass cookies. With cooking, they look about the same as they did prior – lumps of pale, bumpy dough. Yum!
  • I think I must be hungry. Good thing I have baby carrots and celery nearby.
  • Oooo, don’t even get me started on the great celery divide in my house. Ha!
  • It is a known fact that I look terrible in hats.



    • I enjoyed both Fallout 3 and New Vegas (the latter more than the former). Fallout 4’s story is nothing worth writing home about, but it’s serviceable. For me the enjoyment comes from traveling in solitude, looting until I’m carrying too much, and fighting off monsters. It’s the simple things.

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