Patience is a Virtue…Maybe

When it comes to waiting for new games, just how patient are you? My answer(?) to that question is here on Virtual Bastion.


This week, Kingdom Hearts fans who have been waiting thirteen years for an actual sequel to Kingdom Hearts II, have had their dreams realized in the form, finally, of Kingdom Hearts III.

Last year, Persona fans got their hands on the series latest installment, the much-heralded Persona 5 after just a ten-year wait. Dipping into the past, we had to wait about the same amount of time for favorites such as Doom 3 and Super Street Fighter IV, as well as Fallout 3. (Okay, so that last was closer to an eleven-year wait.)

People hungry from the next Metroid Prime game will apparently have to wait a little longer, since Metroid Prime 4 has been sent back to the drawing board.  

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