Xbox: Goodbye or Hello?

As someone who now primarily games on the PS4 and PC, I recently found myself wondering about the Xbox. What could my future with it look like, and what’s in store for the console itself? Lots of news has been circulating about how the Xbox (Two?) may be poised to take over the next generation of consoles. Such inspiration served perfectly in this Virtual Bastion article.


For the past several years, my household has started off each new year with the same question:

Do we need a new console?

Some years this has meant, do we need to replace a dying but still useful console?, such as an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. (As far as our library goes, these consoles are still very useful.) Other years this has meant adding something new to the collection, like a Wii U (or Switch, which is still on hold for now). But this year the console question has revolved around our problem child, the Xbox One. 

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  1. Other than the introduction of VR, which still seems to be in its primordial phase, this console generation didn’t seem to be much of a step up from the previous one (the Switch was arguably the most innovative console in that it really worked wonders for the indie scene, giving them a powerful portable platform). I say this because unless they intend to make VR the norm, I don’t see much of a point of a new console generation given that I think we’re to the point where most forms of games can be realized. Despite its superior presentation, there really wasn’t a substantial difference between PS4 and PS3 games. I do wonder what Microsoft and Sony have planned for these consoles’ successors, but if it’s mostly limited to a presentation upgrade, I don’t think that’s going to cut it.

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    • Agreed. Both companies are really going to have to step it up with whatever comes next. Truly, consumers have a really prime selection of consoles now from which to choose. For myself, if the PS5/Xbox Two turn out to be sidesteps, there’d be no reason to invest in anything new. (I’d just get a Switch, haha.)

      VR certainly has taken a nosedive, hasn’t it? Despite the push for it, it seems it still can’t get out of the realm of novelty. Sure, the idea of playing Skyrim and Fallout in VR sounds like a good time, but in practice, the experience has limited appeal. (Thinking about our Oculus Rift, I’ve not received any update notifications for it in months, so it feel very dead, unfortunately.) If either Sony or Microsfot (or someone else) can really make VR gaming into something that feels necessary, maybe that’ll help push the industry into a true futuristic and exciting future.

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