My Biggest Question Mark of 2019: Anthem

Despite the news, despite the seemingly positive outlook, and despite the fact that the game kinda, sorta looks like fun, I still don’t know if I am willing to buy in to BioWare’s Anthem. See here my internal (now external) musings on Virtual Bastion.


When Anthem was first announced in 2017, I immediately jumped on the “no way” bandwagon. At the time, while I continued to harbor mixed if mostly positive vibes for Mass Effect: Andromeda, I was mostly suffering from open-world fatigue. I just couldn’t see myself investing in yet another large scale and potential meandering space/adventure/combat game, especially one that looked an awful lot like the always-online type.

Here we are now, just a couple months from the game’s actual release, and have my feelings changed? 

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  1. I do think that Western developers latched onto the mentality that “linear = bad”, and they’ve been overall more creatively stagnant than the indie scene or Eastern teams as a result. It’s a shame because there are things I like about open-world games that no other format grasps, but it can be difficult to appreciate when they’re this pervasive. After a rough couple of releases, I am kind of interested to see what BioWare does for Anthem. Breath of the Wild still felt fresh in 2017, and that was in the middle of this open-world oversaturation, so Anthem at least has a chance of being good.

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    • That’s a positive way to look at it. I’d like to think that Anthem will represent the culmination of everything BioWare has learned from Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and that we’ll be treated to an explorable and enjoyable open world (like in Breath of the Wild) along with an interesting and intense story. (That seemed to be what they were aiming at with ME: Andromeda, but they sorely missed that mark.)

      Y’know, BioWare actually did “linear” pretty good in Dragon Age II. Oh, I initially gave them plenty of flak at first for the game’s sameness, but upon replaying it, I discovered it to be much deeper and much more fun to play than most open-world games. If Anthem happens to be infused with a little of that simple, mission-based flavor, it’ll be for the better.

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